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Reliable service, on your team!

"We provide the part-time or short-term expertise that many small businesses don't need on a full-time basis - outsourced service without the headaches of finding and hiring a new employee. We bring you quality, experienced assistance for an hour, a week, or by the project. LizBizSvs carries my name and I guarantee the results." Liz Clegg, Owner

Since 1976, our associates have been providing business assistance to companies of all size from startup to wind-down when temporary or part-time business assistance is required. By using our well-seasoned associates, you mionimize the training and learning curve associated with hiring a new emeployee or stretching your critical personnel even more thin.

Looking for help selecting and implementing new software or training your employees? Call Liz to talk about your needs.

  • Reliable? Call for references!
  • Stable? Dozens of long-term relationships!
  • Timely service? Your schedule becomes OUR schedule!